Saturday, 13 March 2010

PosiTim Accepted for ESA Business Incubation

After our successful participation in the Galileo Application Days it is now back to business!

A very important step for PosiTim is that we have been accepted for the ESA Business Incubation Programme. This is an important step for us as besides giving us some substantial financial support it also underlines that ESA is very happy with our plan to commercialise the ESA owned NAPEOS software. Some details of the incubation contract still have to be filled in but we assume that all will be worked out and the contract signed by April 2010. PosiTim will be incubated at CESAH, one of the four ESA Business Incubation centre, located in Darmstadt, Germany.

In the scope of the ESA Business Incubation PosiTim plans to participate in the upcoming ESA Investment Forum taking place on April 19, in Stuttgart.

The PosiTim exciting endeavour is starting very well!

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