Tuesday, 20 April 2010

PosiTim affected by Volcanic Ash.

Also PosiTim was severely affected by the eruption of the volcano eyjafjallajökull on Island. Our general manager was on a customer trip in Aberdeen, Scotland and saw his return flight on Saturday morning, April 17, 2010, cancelled. However, in a quick action he managed to book one of the last seats on the Eurostar train, the one that runs through the tunnel in the British Channel. The down side of this “last seat” was that this was actually a “folding chair” next to one of the train doors. However, although the Eurostar journey started on the very uncomfortable folding chair the train manager found some free chairs and thus the folding chair was upgraded to a very luxury 2-person cabin. A very nice way to travel! Many thanks to Eurostar for this free upgrade.

However, all in all our general manager was really taking the “long way home”. First an 8 hour train trip from Aberdeen to London, followed by the high-speed (TGV) Eurostar from London to Brussels in 2 hours. After a stopover in Belgium with some relatives the journey continued on Monday with a 6-hour trip to Seeheim-Jugenheim. So in total it was a journey of 16 hours of train ride, not too bad.
The real positive side was that on Saturday the countryside in Scotland could be enjoyed and this included a visit to the world famous Glenfiddich distillery including some “product confrontation” of this famous Scotch Wisky. Two bottles he took on his long train journey (but without drinking them).

The loss for PosiTim is at the level of serveral hunderd Euro's. Very little compared to the losses of the airplane cariers but significant for our small start-up company.

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