Saturday, 26 June 2010

PosiTim at ILA

PosiTim was offered the chance to have a small exhibit at the International Air Show 2010 in Berlin, better known as the ILA. This great opportunity materialized thanks to both VEGA and CESAH. VEGA, had invited the Centre for Satellite Navigation in Hessen (CESAH) to present itself on the VEGA stand at the ILA, in hall 9. CESAH decided that it would best represent its incubation activities by inviting one of their start-up companies. PosiTim as a real “space” start-up was selected by CESAH to be the most appropriate representative of the current incubates. The picture (Courtesy of Ruth Reinicke of VEGA) shows Frank Zimmermann (right) the General Manager of CESAH, and Tim Springer (left) the General Manager of PosiTim at the VEGA stand.

For a true aerospace company like PosiTim it was really a great opportunity and a unique experience to be able to present our small start-up company at this very high-level event. We had some very interesting visitors and new contacts at our stand. Also we met with several interesting companies and people in hall 9, the “Space centre” of the ILA 2010.
We are convinced that this has been a very good experience for our company and that it has certainly helped to increase the awareness regarding our company.
Many thanks to both VEGA and CESAH for offering PosiTim this unique opportunity!

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